Tangents With Toby

Tangents With Toby

By Toby Brendel


Tangents with Toby is a weekly podcast that takes you for a ride in his work van as we both go for a trip in the South East part of Saskatchewan.

Not knowing the topic till the day of recording, Tangents with Toby is a podcast that has no set niche or genre in mind so every show us 100% different from the week before unless it's a series.

Let's hop in, buckle up then come for the topics but stay for the journey.

Disclaimer*This shows audio quality is not studio produced but rather produced in a moving mini van which decreases the quality.Every episode quality will vary from time to time as it depends on the equipment that is available as well as the outside weather. The weather could add extra wind noise to rain falling on the windshield to other vehicles driving by. Listener discretion is advised.