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Tangents With Toby

Episode · 6 months ago

Breaking news about future shows


I tell you some breaking news which is going to benefit creativity and awesomeness. I get to put up one or two guest hosts in the next couple weeks. I explained who they are and why they want to join

But Da Dada, but da Dadadad Bona, da Dadad, Dat Dat Dat, breaking news right here on tangents with toby coming up with the next couple of weeks, I have something I have never really had before and that is a guest host. Yes, that is correct. I will be having not one but two guest host not at the same time, probably that's going to be a little bit more interested, but we will be having guest hosts on the show to add a little bit of ups up. The other day my oldest boy, DJ walks up to mean dad. Goes, Dad, I want to be on a podcast with you. Perfect all I can make that happen to my brother feels thanks dad. Then emery. He overheard what I...

...was talking about with DJ and he goes, can I come on? Yeah, sure, Oh, can we do it now? It's like, Dude, you have school with the next fifteen minutes. Goes home. Okay, so here's huge breaking news. Tangents with toby is going to have actual guest host on the show. So it's going to be interesting. What we're going to talk about? I don't know. I guess we're going to fly, maybe entertainment, video games, hockey, things like that. But I had to come on, I had to tell you guys basically what everything is. So for now, I will talk to you later and have yourself a very, very chrisp MUS and a happy new year.

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