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Classic video games


Today I give you another wonderful episode then I sneak into talking about PlayStation games as well as Xbox what I should have did to what I'm going to do to top it off with other junk. 

Hey guys, welcome to tansions with toby. What is going on? Hopefully I got everything figured up, figured out and back on track. All right. So, first of all, I like to give a huge shout out to my biggest band out there, T j. You have moved into number one, followed by Greece, valley radio, drinks with Josh and do dad degree hit gree degree guy, just seeing most of the mess of all right, over the last little while I've been playing retro gaming, like mass, like retro playstation and experts like the originals. I've come to a conclusion. If I had the interest in doing what I'm doing today, what would have been the number one game that I would be streaming? And that's the catch.

So far I've been back up and back on what is that grand tourism for the first one, and I know I would have been streaming that. Man, I was absolutely addicted to it. Over one thousand three hundred days on the actual game. I don't know how many days it is video game days, but yeah, so I had a huge amount of hours put into that game. What I'm actually shocked. So my next thing for that game is trying to beat some of my records that I have set, like, for example, on the autumn ring, many, they think, or the speed yeah, I think there was an autumn many ring. I have a...

...record of like twenty eight point five seconds for a yeah, for a single lap. My goal is to beat it. I don't know if it is technically possible to do it. I want to be one of the records that I've seen online. I don't know if it's for G T ONE OR G T two. It says that this person's record is seconds. So I'm about three seconds off for beating that. Look, I want to create a website, uh, dis discharge, discord, things like that, so I can post my record times and see how well or how close I am for being having some of the top lap times in the world, because if I'm about three seconds off from being some of the fastest lap times in the world, that is at an absolute unpeatable feet and I know I can probably get close...

...or get better. I just got to find that right vehicle for me to do it. Second Up, I've been obsessed with NHL Two k five again. This is the game that I think I would have did so much more to it. My buddy terrence and I when I was up north in Melville, we had a season going. He created his team, I created a team and we actually had a season going and with the NHL Two k five. The one thing that I thought was kind of cool is if you're creating, if you're playing a season with multiple people, the schedule actually had times on. For example, if Terence's team and my team played on the exact same day, there would be like physical times on the schedule. So I...

...could say saskatoon plays at six PM, sc cold plays at seven PM. So when it comes to that, the person who plays first at the earlier time has to play. Then the person at the later time has to play. So terrence would have to play at six, I would have to play at seven. Moore, he would play first, I would play second. If we never went into that order, the team that played first would get simulated and then it moved on to second. Confusing final a girl really cool. The reason why I brought this up is I wish, I how would you say? I wish we were more in depth, at a better website, things like that, where we could actually post the results, keep updating.

I had so much time I could have did this. I never really ever thought anything would come from it, especially back in the days like in the mid two thousand's. Who Knew Video Games would have skyrock to what it is streaming, Um, all these different platforms hosting video games, people talking about video games. It was pretty interesting, because this is the part that gets me frustrated. I had a family member that told me not to play video games, that I should go out and have fun and Video Games is gonna wreck my mind. It's pointless, right. So this was back in the Nintendo, like the original Nintendo, and now that exact same person, but another person in my family a big screen television to play video game song,...

...because that's what they do. They have done something with a certain video game and they were trying to encourage this person to keep playing get better. It's kind of like the double standards things. They tell me to go out and have fun, stop playing video games, meanwhile they buy another member family a bigger Teav to encourage them to play. How messed up is that? It is fun if you can do both at the exact same time. Play Video Games but yet do other things to have fun. If I had my way, my whole entire library for video would act be absolutely huge, and that's what I'm trying to do is build my video game library to the point that it's interesting, including with the original playstation, get two or four players downs, build it to how it wants was grow from there. With the...

...xbox, I'm still trying to go back and think of all the games that I've had. I know most of them got stolen from UH certain person back in the day. I want to build it up and actually have that whole entire thing. Sad thing is on my what is that xbox? Three sixty? I don't really there's a excuse me, one game that I want to play on that and that was rainbow six loss. I guess one in loss vegus too. That's it. But when it comes to everything else, with the original xbox and the original playstation, those in the two systems that I want to focus on. It's gonna take me a while. I we'll get it aventually right now at the moment, it's gonna you don't take some time.

All right. Well, you guys. I know it's a short episode, but you guys enjoy it. You don't get overwhelmed with stupidity. That I may have overdone. All Right Speak About Stupidity. I'M gonna end her up. Hopefully had a good weekend. Mine was actually not too bad. Did a bunch of cleaning done. Den Tol me at GMAIL DOT com. If you head over to bio dot link, forward slash Tangents, you will even find all the ways of contact me. And if you guys sign up with meshed dot C A and get a membership, you can actually check out my future show via cartoon. I don't know how it's going to turn out. Let's hope for the best, but in the meantime, things for tuning in. I'll catch you later.

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