Tangents With Toby
Tangents With Toby

Episode · 7 months ago

I almost got arrested by who?


Back in 2004/05, I was up in Melville and was away from my home.  I recieved a catch up bill from a our wonderful crown corporation telling me to call them to make arrangements so I did. The end result was me almost getting arrested because of the operators wonderful hearing and miss communication. This episode gets a nice low down of what happened that night with a deeper detail and outcome which still pisses me off to this day.  Tune in and find the whole story and so much more on Tangents with Toby. Audio quality is some of the best I ever had so sit back and enjoy. Bio.link/tangents Cast- Toby- my mom- Tirrell- Terrance- Cop 1- Cop 2- Cop 3- Douchebag on the phone

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