Tangents With Toby
Tangents With Toby

Episode 36 · 3 months ago

Love the doctor


Okay that is not what I said for my show title but it will have to do. I'll give you a little bit of an update of something that I found that I thought it was forever. Trust me it's worth it

Hey, guys, what is going on? Oh, that's Ah intro that I you wish you didn't hurt. Welcome to tangents with Tony. Ah, I gotta tell you guys something. All Right, the original O g of the show, I would know that I very stupidly, if that is a word, deleted my rss feet at the start of the year. So what you hear now is on the new RSS feet, which it is what it is. Mistakes were made, listeners were lost, times were interesting and I wanted to just give up. But I'M NOT gonna be talking about the new...

...platform that of using to post my show, rather that I wanted to create, uh video for a show that I did do. So I downloaded headline. Oh my God, I have found all my lost episodes on headline. So what headliner was doing was creating the video forms of my podcast without me knowing it, and when I found out, everything was there. Everything. The only issue that had about it. Why didn't you guys tell me?...

My God, that sound quality was absolutely horrible and it sounds like I'm hitting puberty, but my allergies are kicking in seriously. Some of the episodes. If I turned it off, that was horrible and I don't blame you guys for doing the exact same thing. Otherwise, I can't believe I found all of the shows. It was a very absolute awesome day, like it had my book, it had I don't even know how to really word it. It just everything was there. And then I decided instead of uploading all my...

...shows because I would have to download them, fix the sound, recreate the video upload them, I just said forget it. So some of the other videos on my new platform that I'm posting mode. It's a little bit better sounding, but not quite yeah, weird. Sometimes you just don't ask questions, you roll with it. Then that's what I'm doing. Will you hear the other episodes that I have lost and refound? I don't think so. One of the reasons is it would take way too freaking long to go and do the exact same thing that I just told you. Download them, Sound Quality, check, upload them. I just don't have that time and they...

...don't have that patience to actually do that. So it sucks that some of these episodes are just gonna sit in the headliner and never get found again. Seriously, it is what it is. Unless sounder decides to post videos on their end as well, then yes, I would probably do it, because it was hell of luck quicker if I did that. Anyway, you guys, I thought I'd just come in, give you a little something up and tell you about the wonderful thing that I found. All right, you guys. Well, if you have any questions, comment tensions with toby at Gmail Dot Com. Tangents toby throughout the whole entire social media platform and I will catch you later.

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