Tangents With Toby
Tangents With Toby

Episode · 5 months ago

Moving the show


Hey guys how's it going I thought I'd just give you a little bit of an audio clip to let you know where my shows are going to be located. I decided I'm going to go do video and in this episode I tell you where they're going to be hosted and how you can watch it.

If you're thinking about becoming a member all you got to do is click the link below sign up and help us get monetized

If you're thinking about becoming a member all you got to do is click the link below sign up and help us get monetizedIf you're thinking about becoming a member all you got to do is click the link below sign up and help us get monetized

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Hey guys, what is going on? Tangents here and yes, I do know that it's been a while since I did show. I totally apologize upon that, but there's been a lot of things going on in the last couple of weeks since I did my last show, and also I haven't been able to grab that right texture of the show. I've tried many times to get a show up. Just didn't work. So I've moved my ideas and things like that, wrote them down on paper. You know, it's gonna be interesting. You're gonna notice that there's not gonna be as much activity on our R S S feed for a little bit, which I'm giving me a huge heads up on what's actually going down. I have signed up with meshed. That's M E S H E D Dot c a. it's basically like Youtube. You buy a member ship and every H it's like every membership, you...

...get credits and every time you watch a video, that particular artist or creator will get a certain percent of your credits. So if you just watch my show, it will give me the most credits. Like, for example, say that you had a hundred credits. You Watch my I'd probably say get fifty. If you watched a hundred credits. All of us would get one credit piece. So it's a unique twist on video and I want to take it as much as I can before advantage, because it's crazy. With I posted four videos and all four videos I have monetized all my shows and I...

...she got a better return doing it this way on four shows than almost three quarters of a year with my audio partner. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the audio chew you guys. I think it's gonna be a little bit more difficult because most of the videos are going to be visually not on audio, but the audio side is still going to be there. I might post when I get my video is done. So it's not gonna be weekly, which that's one thing I loved about podcast is as soon as it gets done, I can post it. Where video it's gonna take a little bit longer. All right, guys, I thought it was just give me a little bit of the heads up to let you know what is going on. Also when it comes to the audio show, if t j, and excuse me, if t J or emory wants to do a show, it...

...will be posted on here. So there will always be something doing and surprisingly miraculously, if the show takes off and grows again, I'll start focusing on this one. But right now it's getting hard to do something audio. People are falling off, falling off. So it is what it is. But in the meantime, if you head over to my twitter you can actually join meshed dot c a start your own channel, get monetized instantly with the very first click by clicking the link in my bio on twitter. Well, thanks, guys, and I'll talk to you later. Base.

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