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November sucks


With the little amount of audio that I got on this particular show I don't want to go too deep into the description cuz it's going to more or less spoil what I woke up to first thing this morning. Make sure you listen to the show to understand what is going on and what the future lies. Trust me it's worth the listen and to see what is going on with the show

Hey guys tangents here. I thought i'd just come on give like a two or three minute clip of what is happening today. Well, you see, today is my three year anniversary of being hosted on Sounder dot i FM, so that is an absolute huge milestone. The only problem when it comes to this is a simple fact. I got an email first thing this morning when I woke up from Sounder themselves, not cartulating me or anything like that, but rather to inform me they are shutting down their services very soon. And what I mean very soon, I mean that we've decided to shut down Sounders hosting platform on January. So I have three months to move to a different...

...podcasting platform or decide do I want to continue with podcast. So there's two things out there. Do I continue or do I just walk away? Currently, right now, I I'm going to be moving the show over to first Story dot any. That's uh f I R S t O R Y dot any. I think that's it. It's like first Ry or for Story. I'll set up links for everybody to basically go and follow, even with my biolink. I will set it up so you guys can click on it and we'll take you to the right spot. So, yeah, it's just been one of those days. Then on top of that, there was a web...

...site out there that I've used to not only make money, but to help promote other shows. They're closing down. November just has not been kind to a bunch of people. So I don't know, it's weird, it's wacky, and I thought i'd just let you know that is going to be a very huge thing coming up in the next near future. One of the problems when it comes to this that's going all. I wish I could stick with Meshed Media for my uh podcasting platform when it comes to hosting, but they only do video and it is membership only, so when it comes to that, I can't host it there. I would love to. Maybe in the...

...future they might decide to have it where a podcast can do that, but otherwise it's a no go. First story dot Emmy that's gonna be probably my main site to go to, and yeah, well you guys, I'm better let you go. I gotta comprehend on what's actually going on and figure out my next moves. All right, Well, thanks for tuning in. If you have any questions, comments, tangents with Tobya at gmail dot com. Tangents Toby on all social media platforms, because, let me tell you, this ship is gonna get interesting.

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