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This show sucks


I'm not even going to sugar coat this episode cuz I'm going to tell you right now that it absolutely sucks. The audio sucks, the teaching suck, the subject sucked and the only thing that's half decent witness show is for the simple fact it was a quickie. Now you know how my girlfriend feels

Hi everybody, this is Georgy. No, not quite, but this is tangents with toby. Welcome back for a very unique episode. Might not be a long one, but I can compensate other things like knowledge. All Right, okay, so people have been talking about gas prices in how high they are. Canadians look down to the US and they'll be like, oh, it's five hundred and thirty five a gallon, or in California it's over six dollars a gallon, and there's a lot of people, including Canadians, who are trying to figure out the whole formula between leaders to gallants. And you...

...know, it does, yes, get a little painstak trying to figure it out. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to teach you. Currently, as I drive by the ESO is out a dollar ninety five a lead there. So a dollar ninety five a leader. Actually it's a dollar ninety five nine. Can't forget about that. You Time Tim is that by three point seven eighty five, which is an American dollar or American gallon. That comes out to seven dollars in forty two cents. Well, to be bed with it, but just chill, just chill, then what you have to do now is go in configure a Canadian dollar into the American dollar.

So then you go seven dollars and forty two cents calculated, and it comes out to five dollars and eighty cents per gallon that we here in Canada pay for feeling. It has been absolutely insane when it comes to simple things like gas parts. We're I'm not going to lie, it's hurting everybody. I don't care if you're a billion dollar company, I don't care if you're a little company like the one I work for. It's hurting everybody, the ones that have delivery usages like, for example, I was talking to local company here who does garbage and I looked at myself. You know, I really,...

...really feel sorry for you just for the simple fact you guys have to drive everywhere and everywhere on farms, construction site, stuff like that, like they're you have to go everywhere. The cost is absolutely insane. And she looks at me, puts her head down goes yeah, it's not pretty. It's to the point now that I am not even sure what tomorrow is going to bring. Okay, so get seventeen. I'm actually figure out the price of easeelm oh, the price of diesel is six dollars in thirty eight cents a gallon. Okay, go figure. In Math in school I absolutely hated...

I could not grab the concept of it. But it depends on which one. When it comes to Algebra, I don't know why. I think it was the teacher that was teaching that made a little bit more difficult for me to actually grab a hold of it. It's not a hard concept for math if you know what you're doing. In half the time. I don't even know what I'm doing. Reality. I ran a business. I was actually turning it around to turn around to make profit. I taught you guys bath, which most of you probably checked out. I don't care. It's just one of those things out. So, yeah, m yeah, that's basically...

...bought it. If I don't stop now, I'm going to go in this massive tangent brant that will end up in the right field and get lost in all the water in the mud. So I'm going to end it and hopefully I can have a better show next week right here in tangents with toby. If you have any questions coming to feel free team mail. We need at tentions with toby at gmailcom hit over to biodot, link forward slash tangents for all the information that you need to get hold of me, including facebook, instagram, twitter at Tangents, toby on all of them. Anyway. I will talculator. Hopefully have a good day and enjoy the nice weather. WE'RE HAPPY POS.

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